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Shadow Mother. by Baron-Engel Shadow Mother. by Baron-Engel
Continuing in my Equestrian dreamscape. Usually I don't get to a chance to see what my characters dream of when they are asleep, but every once and while I glimpse into their nighttime journeys. This is especially true if my subconscious decides that the character's dream is of some significance.

Since her escape from the Kingdom of Shadows, Applebloom has withdrawn from contact with her family and friends despite their efforts to help her with trouble and pain she is obviously enduring. Her family is very aware that she routinely now has terrifying nightmares that leave her screaming and crying. She recently had a violent episode that resulted in her being hospitalized. Still she will not tell anyone about them or what happened to her in cursed land. Even while under the influence of a truth potion. However recent efforts by Zecora have started to give clues to the nature of her affliction . Which is good because Applebloom is continuing to exhibit more and more disturbing behaviors. It was soon after the last incident that I had a dream where I got see what happened to little Applebloom in that forsaken land.

One moment she was standing with her big sister in their orchards helping get the trees ready for apple bucking. Then suddenly this strange shadow on the ground at the base of a tree turned into these black tendrils that yanked her into complete darkness

She felt herself slam onto a cold, smooth, hard, slightly oily surface. Darkness completely surrounded her. Terrified and disoriented she tried calling for her big sister but her cries vanished into the inky void that surrounded her.

Slowly she rose to her hooves and with timid steps she began moving around trying to determine where she was. Applebloom had no idea where she was or where she was going, but she desperately wanted to escape from this oppressive darkness. At the least the ground was smooth, if somewhat slimy, and free of things that might trip her but she could find no walls steps, or doors that led toward any sort of light. She continued to cry out for her sister or anyone to save her, but the chamber she was in was seemed to be so vast that she could not even hear an echo of her own voice. Just oppressive silence punctuated by occasional, faint skittering and hissing sounds.

As the terror slowly started building in her she started galloping blindly about in the darkness. The fear in her increasing by the second. She started crying uncontrollably plunged into seemingly endless void. Only sound of her hooves clopping on the unseen ground kept her constant company.

Time began lose all meaning in this eternal darkness. Applebloom started to wonder if she had gone blind when off somewhere in the distance she saw a tiny speck of light. With all the speed she could muster she charged toward the light. As she got closer, the little filly realized that the light source was bobbing and moving. Like some pony was carrying a lantern it in their mouth! Somepony had heard her cries for help and was coming to rescue her. With greater urgency she raced toward the light.

As she drew closer to the light Applebloom started to realize that something was not right. She figured by now she'd be able to see the pony who was carrying the lantern, but the bearer was still shrouded in darkness. But it did not matter because the light was coming toward her. However the as the bobbing light came closer she realized it seemed to be a lot higher off the ground than she would've imagined. Also there was clicking, scraping sound that accompanied the approaching dim light. Applebloom came to a halt as the weaving light advanced on her. At this point she realized it was not a lantern but some glowing sphere. When it was almost on top of her the glowing orb burst into an intense light and for the first time she saw who was the source of the light. It was not a pony.

Towering over her higher than any pony was a thing of nightmares. It moved on four gigantic insect legs that emerged in all four directions of its stout, compact torso. Like the legs on a pedestal table. On top of this torso was a gigantic head that was as least a massive as the rest of creatures body. slit-like red eyes suddenly began to glow as it glared at her, and the being's leering mouth looked big enough to swallow a pony whole. Teeth longer than daggers rimmed its mouth. Rising from its short, stout muzzle was a stalk longer than any unicorn horn Applebloom had ever seen; the stalk tapered into a whip-like appendage which at the very end was the glowing orb that had drawn Applebloom to it. It's overall appearance was that of shiny black coal. Then it addressed her.

"What is this! What is this! It is a pony! Yes, yes another pitiful pony has been brought to serve my lord!" Exclaimed the creature in a loud screeching voice. "Well pony. What have you to say eh! " The creature loomed over the cowering little filly. "Speak pony speak, SPEAK!!!" Applebloom was trembling so hard she found difficult to reply. "Please don't hurt me!" She finally blurted out. "There has been some kind of mistake! Where am I, and how can get home?"

"Mistake? No foolish pony there has been no mistake!" The glistening black creature said as it looked down upon the terrified pony with contempt. "The Lord of Shadows does not make mistakes pony! Never, ever forget that now that he is your master!" "Lord of Shadows?" said Applebloom." Who is he? Who are you? Where am I? Why can't I just go home!?" She cried.

"YOU DO NOT KNOW OF THE LORD OF SHADOWS!!!" Roared the monster. "You are truly a sad, ignorant pony, but spending time in "His" realm will fix that! Yes, yes many lessons you have to learn little pony!" The creature now started circling terrified filly as she huddled on the floor. Its great spiky legs clicking and scraping across the floor. "Lesson one begins now! This is gateway to the Kingdom of Shadows. Here my master whim is law! You serve the Lord of the Shadows as he see fit. Lesson two. I am called the Shadow Mother and I am entrusted with not only guarding the gateway to my master's realm, but with the responsibility of creating new shadows to serve him!" Applebloom suddenly noticed that the Shadow Mother's own shadow shifted and moved like tendrils of smoke. As filly looked closer she realized that they were not tendrils of smoke, but instead were strange embryonic creatures that twisted and writhed in the darkness of the Shadow Mother. As watched one of the proto-creatures detached from her shadow and scurried off into the darkness.

Suddenly Applebloom was aware of another sound all around her. It was the same skittering and hissing sound that she had heard earlier but now it was much more pronounced and louder. Slowly the filly looked behind her. The entire darkness around her was slowly writhing and pulsating just like the Shadow Mothers own shadow. Suddenly Applebloom had the horrible feeling that the darkness surrounding her was a gigantic swarm of beings. Shadow Mother continued speaking. "Now pony it is time for lesson three. However I will not be teaching you that lesson. It is time for you to enter our master realm where you can truly learn how to serve our master. Now go!"

Applebloom started to protest that she didn't want to go, when suddenly the ground beneath her opened up like a giant black maw and swallowed her up. Applebloom found herself plummeting blindly down into a seemingly bottomless, black abyss. her own screams were drowned out by a howling wind that sounded like a hundred ponies being flayed alive. at some point she blacked out.

this information does not make resolving her situation any easier. Because while subconscious may allow me to see and hear events occurring in locations where I am not physical there for it does not let me act or share that information with others while I am in the dream. Unless I was physically there for that part of the dream. A similar situation would be to that of a player in a role-playing game, where the player may know certain things but their character does not. Only when I awake am I able to see all the elements of my evenings adventures and comment on them with others. Like I am right now.
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Sevenscence Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Slams the book he was reading shut, skittering backwards on all four hooves into a corner, eyes shifting—searching—frantically for any untoward movements or swaying of shadows. "No. No, no, no-no-no-nooooo!"

Welp, that's enough reading for tonight ... I–I think I'll pick up on the Dreamscape tomorrow. I'm gonna go have nightmares, now.

Baron-Engel Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Well if it is any consolation experiencing these dreams first hand was intense stuff.
Dgs-Krieger Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013
I...kind expected this...nightmareish alien to me more agressive than this, for some reason. Not that (she?) was not creepy, but still.

Anyways, I have to wonder how the dreaming within a dream works exactly. I like your example, but I think it would drive me crazy in the Dream itself.
Baron-Engel Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Anyways, I have to wonder how the dreaming within a dream works exactly. I like your example, but I think it would drive me crazy in the Dream itself.

I am not exactly how I am able to do it. It just happens.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Baron-Engel Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
That is the Shadow Mother. Guardian of the gate between the world of ponies and the Kingdom of Shadows. Also she is mother of shadows who served the Lord of Shadows during his reign.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Err... right.
EarlMcClaw Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
Mentioned in the rantings from whatever's "riding" Applebloom, but is the Shadow Mother actually the one "in" there? We shall see...
ardashir Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
*shudder* Looks like the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Shadows don't want to "just be friends."
Ognimod Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
Like an Alien Queen and an angler fish had an aborted kid with a spider...
ZephyrTheDragonlord Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Even my OC Zephyrus didn't want that to happen to applebloom... he's practically screaming in my ear... i never thought in my wildest dreams that he'd have a soft spot for that world... i created him and he has taken me by surprise... is this something i should be worried about?
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