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August 18, 2013
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Rarity's new outfit by Baron-Engel Rarity's new outfit by Baron-Engel
Something from my Equestria dreamscape although not in the sequence of the current dream arc. This is actually jumping ahead a bit but it doesn't provide any spoilers and it gets my muse Petina to shut up for a while.

A few days ago while looking one at some new submissions from one of the FIM groups I belong to, I came across this image done by :iconjanji009: of Rarity all done up as this vampire goth link

Now Petina is the only character of mine who knows she's a product of my subconscious. Therefore she sees nothing wrong with either looking over my shoulder, or sitting on it, and looking or reading whatever I am looking at. And she's definitely not afraid to speak up and make her opinions known to me.

So the moment this artist's one piece popped up on my screen she immediately recommended I favorite it. Petina then began commenting on how Rarity did look quite nice in it and that I should try drawing Ponyville's resident fashion expert in my style with the same outfit or something similar. This nagging from my subconscious went on most of the day until finally Petina decided to stuff a scene into one of my dreams a night ago in which Petina was able to get Rarity to try on such an outfit so I'd have the appropriate "visual reference" to work from.

While it is not the kind of outfit Rarity usually wears she is not adverse to flattering and intimate style clothing link and she eventually ended up purchasing it for some "later occasion". Petina thought Spike would "really" like it.

To be continued.
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And once again, Petina shall not be denied.  X3

In Petina's defense, Rarity does that outfit extremely well... although she wears pretty much any outfit well, so not sure where that leaves us...
Baron-Engel Nov 5, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
although she wears pretty much any outfit well, so not sure where that leaves us...

Well Rarity would say it leaves us in Fabulousville and she is the Mayor! If she didn't say it then her Press Secretary Petina would brief us on it upon our arrival.
Sounds like a reasonable place to be.  ;)
Rarity really is Sexiest Pony!Love 
I definitely gotta get my ponies that outfit.

Looks great.
That central pose just blew my mind~!!Heart 
Niklas123dk Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I think the last one was best, or first pose eeeeehh... Can't decide... Or all of them...
Love the collar.
Baron-Engel Aug 19, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
The cravat is great.
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