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July 20, 2012
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Play Station by Baron-Engel Play Station by Baron-Engel
This Vipera Vixen piece ended up being the cover of an issue of Radio Comix Furrlough several years ago. The piece was heavily influenced by the opening scene for a Ghost in the Shell video game aimed at the Japanese market. No I have no clue what most of the stuff does in the background it just looks cool! I am still rather happy with how the lighting came out for this piece, and how it is reflected in colors throughout the piece. Also this was the first time I used an electric eraser to remove color pencil from the working surface. It was very handy for creating the steam and mist in the background.
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LukanaterFurvert Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Baron-Engel Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Glad you liked it.
James-Dark-Blue-Wolf Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Whoa that's freaking awesome I love it!
EarlMcClaw Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012
Tight outfit.

The "tubes" in the back look to be additional (closed) versions of what Vipera is standing on. Maybe she's going to join some friends in VR. Or oversee the virtual torture of a couple (few?) victims.

The stuff she's wearing -- well, the equipment all looks functional. The body suit is probably protective (against accidental contact) and has incorporated sensors and feedback. She might be missing a hair restraint, though. (Snag!)

Yes, that's a very tight body suit, especially in the chest. There's probably a big fashion market for material that can be so selectively tight. It clings into every crevice (super wedgie!) without pulling anything out of position -- much.
FreyFox Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
You should draw some of your girls again. It has been a while :)
NutjobGTO Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012
And all this to get her Angry Birds fix.
anzul Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Student General Artist
looks great, very shiny and colorfull... though i dont have an idea of what is happening in there lol
Baron-Engel Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
"What's happening is I look marvelous doing this!" Says the vixen as she tosses her hair. "However as general rule I always look marvelous." She gives you a sly grin as she continues preparations.
anzul Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Student General Artist
oh my... quite marveous indeed! XD
Ognimod Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012
I think Vipera's about to start a VR program which, for some reason, utilizes a catsuit, a pair of male slaves in tubes, and a lot of wires..
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