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August 1, 2012
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Our new home by Baron-Engel Our new home by Baron-Engel
Back again to my Equestria dreamscape. These are some sketches I had done at work on my lunches. The Canterlot Office of Public Records has been by Royal decree retroactively amended it's records to list myself Sky Brush and Petina Pony as having been born in Manehatten but now residing in Ponyville.

Both myself and Celestia thought it was wise that I change my name to Sky Brush for several reasons. One, Equestria has an aristocracy and some still take things like titles very seriously, so having a first name of Baron could cause friction in certain circles. Second this was a fresh start for me here so Celestia felt that taking a new name was good symbolic act of me putting the whole Lord of the Shadows thing behind me. Finally it let Celestia, Luna and their ministers create a new legends to back fill both Petina and my own nonexistent pasts there in Equestria. In fact they have already given us a fairly extensive dossier for both me and Petina to learn about Equestrian history and culture along with general personal information. Twilight will be privately tutoring us in greater detail about Equestrian history, and will begin schooling Petina on the theories and practices of unicorn magic. Which up to this point Petina has just been winging it. This will be on top of my flight lessons with Rainbow Dash.

Now since the arrival of myself and Petina we have been rather floating from household to household in Ponyville with no permanent place to call home. This would not do for any long term situation; therefore Celestia saw it necessary to make certain we had some place where Petina and I could start building our new lives in Ponyville. Also it would let us start receiving Equestrian Postal Service.

To expedite this Celestia arranged for the discreet purchase of a cottage on the outskirts of town for us. It is on a small patch of land with its own well, a small garden in the back and little barn/ shed/ workshop on the property. Also Petina and I will receive a modest monthly stipend directly from Canterlot Treasury for the next two years until we are on our own hooves here.

The cottage is built in the local style of half timber with a thatch roof. It has two bedrooms although only one is currently being used. It has rudimentary indoor plumbing fed by a cistern in the back of the cottage. The cistern is primarily filled from the regularly scheduled rains in Ponyville, or in a pinch can be filled manually from the well. Pony poop goes into a septic tank located on the property. There is a wood fired water heater in the bathroom of which there in only one in the cottage. The bathroom has a tub shower and is only place where one can routinely get hot water. The cottage has a kitchen with a wood fire stove and oven in it and one sink. Also the kitchen has a genuine ice box in one corner. There are two fireplace in the place. One in the main room and one in what passes for the master bedroom which Petina and I are using.
It has wood floors over a sturdy stone foundation with a root cellar built into it. It also has a fairly extensive attic with an access ladder/ stairs in the main room. The front door is in a Dutch style arrangement with an upper and lower section. There is a similar style in the back by the kitchen.

While the arrangement sounds great it is not without its problems. One it is older dwelling and while generally sound the place was in need of some repairs and upgrades. First off was the thatch roof. For that we enlisted the aid of some local ponies who specialize in this kind of work. The stallion pulling cart was one of them and his son would come out and help him after school.

The interior was very dusty and in need of a good cleaning from top to bottom. Unfortunately there were also lots of spiders inside which made Petina less than helpful until she was certain that the bulk of the evil little monsters had been banished from the building. She still does not like the attic. Also all the windows need caulking around them bad. Fortunately our first stipend was large enough to allow us to buy some basic furnishing and provisions for the place. Although Petina insisted we get the best bed we could afford with our available funds. Therefore we have a rather extravagant four post canopy bed for such a modest dwelling.

The paint will definitely need some work in the future, especially the floral trim around and above the front door where it is definitely starting to peel. The flag above the front door is a pegasi pennant. It is primitive windsock that allows a landing pegasi approaching the cottage have an idea what the wind is like close to the ground near the cottage.
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SynCallio Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the idea of the pennant. Airstrips have them for small planes, so why wouldn't pegasi?
Baron-Engel Oct 5, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
It is useful at times.
madbadger42 Jun 26, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
I love all the elements you bring to a piece of artwork, no one I know does architecture as well as you, and it's not just back drop, it's another person in your artwork with more life and character than most people can normally be expected bring to a piece of art ...
ColonelYeo Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
My God, you're scenery work is amazing. I really like how you did the Public Records building.
Your drawings are always so awesome!
Baron-Engel Aug 1, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
You're welcoooome.
The big pony in the top sketch looks like Big Mac, but I'm not sure it's him...

The house looks nice, all things considered.
Baron-Engel Aug 1, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
The big pony in the top sketch looks like Big Mac, but I'm not sure it's him...

Nope. I believe his name is Five Spokes and he is one of the local crafts ponies.
Equestria has an aristocracy and some still take things like titles very seriously, so having a first name of Baron could cause friction in certain circles.

Better avoid my middle name, then, should I ever be fortunate enough to visit.

discrete (I think you mean "discreet.")

Glad to know the ponies practice good sanitation.

Yeah, thatch needs regular maintenance. So does half-timber construction.

Although Petina insisted we get the best bed we could afford with our available funds.

It's almost always a good idea to get the best, most durable things that you're going to rely heavily on. The other option is cheap and easily replaced, but that doesn't work so well for beds and dwellings unless you're a nomad.
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