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August 27, 2012
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Lets be friends. by Baron-Engel Lets be friends. by Baron-Engel
Like something from Dante's Inferno we continue following Applebloom in her sleep as she relives the nightmare of her abduction to the Kingdom of Shadows in my Equestria dreamscape. After her contact with the Shadow Mother and her descent through the screaming darkness [link] . Applebloom awoke to find herself on a seemingly endless grey wasteland all alone. Only a cold moaning wind kept the poor little filly company. Confused and terrified Applebloom desperately started searching for someway to escape from her predicament.

After awhile she was unable to tell how much time had passed in this drab desolate wasteland since there was no clear sun in the sky. Just a perpetual hazy, dim and very depressing setting. Even worse she noticed that even shadows beneath her seem to shift and move of their own accord irrelevant of her location or any physical objects around. It truly felt like here the shadows had their own minds and will. Her own cries for help were in vain and even the constant moaning wind seem to mock her dilemma. After what felt like days of fruitless wandering the loneliness and desolation finally got to her and she broke down in a fit of uncontrollable crying. Then for the first time she heard a sound other than constant moaning wind. The softest of whispers. So faint she at first thought it was her imagination. "Applebloom." Like a drowning pony she desperately reached out for that contact. That voice. A desperate hope of escape or at the very least some form of companionship. What she discovered was her own shadow talking to her, and while it was not the most pleasant of individuals Applebloom still found herself cravings its company. She had no idea what a dangerous relationship she was about to embark upon. In a matter of seconds she was possessed by the shadow.

It now appears that something or someone has hitched ride out the Kingdom of Shadows and escaped its demise. It appears to be slowly wrapping itself around the mind of Applebloom and bending her to its will. I don't even know if she is actually aware of it being in her or if she thinks it just part of her own mind now. That the voice now whispering in ear is not her own thoughts or ideas.
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DJ-Ruphira Jun 1, 2013  Student Filmographer
*walks out of room with a plain face*
*comes back and flips table*
Awesome, bro. SO FAWKING AWESOME!!!
Baron-Engel Jun 1, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Keep reading. The story is not over yet.
that last pic creeps me right out.... once again you have done an amazing job with the expressions.
Baron-Engel Jan 2, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
You are heading into a very disturbing part of this dream arc. Fortunately this arc has ended, I just need to get around to making the last postings related to it.
anzul Aug 31, 2012  Student General Artist
holy CRAP! that sure is freaky D8
ColonelYeo Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Her own shadow... oh, boy. :(

Also, that is one creepy smile...
Please tell me Applebloom is going to be okay in the end. :'(
Baron-Engel Aug 27, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
I didn't want to say any spoilers, but I sent you a note.
I shudder at poor Applebloom's fate. Having something like that inside you just *shivers* not a fate I would wish on anybody! Somehow I don't think this thing is going to let go easily either when Twilight and the others finally think they have a way to remove it from Applebloom.
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