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October 16, 2012
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Fire in the sky. by Baron-Engel Fire in the sky. by Baron-Engel
The trains were finally running again out of Canterlot in my Equestria dreamscape. Needless to say the scene at the Canterlot train station was one of organized chaos, as all the ponies who had been stuck in Canterlot for that last few days tried to find a trains to wherever they had needed to be days ago. About three in the afternoon Petina, Carousel, Spike, myself, Zecora and the remaining Mane Six finally were able to get on a train headed toward Ponyville. Since the trains were running at full capacity and the tracks were suffering from occasional light snow drifts from the gusty winds the trains were not running at full speed. Therefore we did not arrive in Ponyville until after five.

The sky as already darkening and was littered with the lingering remnants from the last system that had passed through. I found the mixture of cumulus and cirrus clouds fascinating……Hey what can I say I'm studying to be a weather pony. Although the worst of the storms had been a day or so ago, Ponyville was still covered with a heavy blanket of snow. It was not going to be fun slogging it out to our cottage on the outskirts of town. I offered to fly ahead and get a fire started at our cottage but Petina would have none of it. If she and Carousel had to hoof it through the snow so would I. Feh!

It was very, very quiet in Ponyville. The snow seemed to soak up the sound and blanketed the village in silence. In the distances we could hear the mournful sound of the steam whistle from the train that had brought us home. Its sound slowly faded away as it continued on its journey.

Most of the shops had closed early and the majority of Ponyville's inhabitants were already indoors with a warm fire and hot meal. Only an occasional fitful breeze and the indigo night sky kept us company as we made our way home.

Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and myself at least had the benefit of being able to hover above the snow as we kept the ground pounders company. RD really could've split and headed up to her cloud home, but her and Fluttershy decided to stay with us until they were certain Twilight and Rarity were home safe. Zecora had decided to spend the night at the library and then travel to her home in the Everfree Forest the following morning.

We had almost reached the town library when suddenly Twilight abruptly stopped and looked intently to the North. Her face had a look of confusion, alarm and intent focus.

"Hey Twi, whats got your attention all the sudden?" Asked the curious prismatic pegasi.

"I'm, not, certain." Said the unicorn mare. Her gaze still fixed on the northern horizon. "I sense some very powerful magic. It is very far away, but I feel like I've experienced it before."

At that moment the northern horizon lit up as if a giant flash bulb had suddenly illuminated the land. A short while later a deep rumbling growl like distant thunder rumbled through Ponyville. The flash slowly receded but a soft glow remained for about a minute. All of us just stopped and tried to determine what this meant. After a second the town librarian spoke.

" By the sun! I know where I've felt it before! That was Celestia's magic, but the last I time she did that was when the Lord of Shadows……." [link] She trailed off in thought. "This is bad."

Rainbow Dash was gazing upward now at the ever darkening sky.

" Um, Twilight. I'm no astronomer but I know a thing or two about stars and stuff. What's that?" She pointed with her right front hoof at a point in the night sky.

Almost directly overhead a new star had blazed to life. However as we watched we quickly realized it was not static again the vaults of heaven. It was moving. Fast. After a couple second more we were able to determine it was actually three objects traveling in close proximity. Almost as if in formation they tore across the early evening leaving long trails fire behind them. Several seconds behind them in fast succession came three deep, sharp concussive bursts. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The sonic booms from the objects passage overhead echoed throughout the valley. Doors and windows flew open and a few moments later as ponies poured out into the chilly, snow-filled streets to investigate the source of the sound. The objects vanished over the same point of the northern horizon. Once again the sky lit up in quick succession as three brilliant flashes filled the evening sky. Soon after there was a far off, deep, rolling and ominous KRUMP that filled the night sky. Several seconds after that we felt the ground shudder and roll slightly for a second or two. Slowly the brilliant light diminished the North but in its place there was now a steady ruddy glow.

For several seconds after no one said a word. In a very small, timid voice Rarity broke the silence.

" Twilight, darling. Can you explain what we just saw?"

The young violet unicorn shook her head.

" Not easily. Those were obviously three very large meteors that passed very close to us, and impacted geographically very near. Once again I sensed some very strong magic. It was as if someone was guiding them to a specific target, but the amount of magic and control required is simply amazing."

"Was it Celestia's magic again?" Asked Petina. "I could barely sense some magic myself but you're more knowledgable than I Teacher."

Twilight looked back at Petina and shook her head.

" No it was not Celestia. maybe Luna but she is only other one I can think of who could perform such feat as that." She paused for a second. "I need to get home and write a letter right away."

We continued on silence. Everypony lost in their own thoughts. One by on we reached our destinations. Until finally it was just myself, Petina and Carousel. The northern horizon had faded some but there was still a deep red glow to it as if a massive forest fire was burning there. We all stared at it one last time before going inside our home. To be continued.
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Where did Luna get those rocks? Maybe she has some rock storage on the orbit for times when she needs them. It wouldn't be good weapon if it was depending on random rocks flying past the planet.
Baron-Engel Nov 7, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
One is left with the impression that she had moved some into orbit in case they were needed during the war.
Horror of a different kind, one that terrifies not because we don't know anything about it, but because it is based in what we do know and what beings in our world are capable of.

Massive rocks streaking across the sky over the breadth of the country, the very heavens themselves turned into weapons of unimaginable destructive power. There is only small comfort to be taken in knowing that the wielders of this power are on our side, for the real fear is what they are being wielded against.
Baron-Engel Feb 13, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
This event will be revisited later when I get to Service to the Crown Day.
Ooh, an Equestrian version of Veterans' Day? Cool! I'll have to remember what time of year it takes place so I can write a post about it on my tumblr.
Baron-Engel Feb 13, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
It is in the late spring. Roughly around May Day.
*makes a note* Awesome, thanks!
once again, great job on such a well written story to go with the picture.

just wondering is there a certain order that i need to be reading these little story parts in?
Baron-Engel Jan 2, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Well if you want to start from the beginning, the first Equestria dreamscape starts here [link] and the general file where it is all kept in is [link] . For the most part every posting here with a few exceptions is related in someway to an ongoing series of dreams I have been having.
Thanos-san Oct 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I think Celestia and Luna just fired the equivalent of a pony nuke... Or rahter, three of them. Shit must have hit the fan something fierce up north too.
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