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August 20, 2012
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Discord. by Baron-Engel Discord. by Baron-Engel
We now return to ponies. A second season moment in my Equestria dreamscape. Since I started having these dreams I have had people ask where in the timeline do my dreams fit in with the actual television series. Where the second series has roared ahead my dreamscape has proceeded at a much more leisurely pace. Also the fact that I can not write, sketch and post my dreams as quickly as they happen due to real world restrictions means that stuff my watchers are now just seeing often happen months ago. In fact at this point in my postings I have only been in Ponyville for about seven months. It was at this time, when Petina, myself and Carousel decided to make our first trip to Manehattan. After all according to the altered official census records that is where we supposedly are from, so we thought we should pay a visit and at least start getting familiar with the place. So few days after the departure of the griffins [link] we were packing our bags and getting ready to hit the road again.

Unlike our recent trip to Canterlot for the music festival this was to be a much more low key and tourist-like in nature. We had scheduled for three days there and a couple days for travel via train to and from Manehattan. For this trip I had made the reservations for the hotel room at the Proud Hoof Hotel in Manehattan, and according to various sources it was a nice, clean, affordable hotel. Unlike the Black Stallion in Canterlot. I had booked us for a suite at the Proud Hoof, but unlike the suite at the Black Stallion I made certain our suite had two beds in it so Carousel would not have to sleep with Petina and I if she didn't want to.

So early one morning we found ourselves on the train heading toward Manehattan. The trip took most of the day and it was not until early evening when our train finally pulled into the Manehattan central terminal. After retrieving our luggage and flagging down a cab, it was just a short trip to the Proud Hoof Hotel. I had arranged for a late check-in in advance and our suite was waiting for us when arrived. We had partaken of the snack cart on the train during the day, but now there were three really hungry ponies in need of food. So after dropping off our luggage and give ourselves a quick brushing over we headed out for food.

Now one thing that Petina has been craving for in Ponyville is pizza. Unfortunately there are no pizza parlors in Ponyville and my cooking skills, or Petina's for that matter, have not yet been up to the task of tossing pizza dough. There is a focaccia type bread that is made in Ponyville but that has not quelled Petina's craving for a thin crust Margherita. So the little white unicorn was very happy to hear that there was a pizzeria attached to a small neighborhood market just down the block from the hotel. This proved to be very advantageous since one of the other things I had wanted to do was buy several food stocks that are rather common in Manehattan but uncommon, and pricey, in Ponyville. However at the Blue Rose market and pizzeria I was able to buy large cans of olive oil, olives, canned tomatoes, and strings of garlic bulbs for much less than what I would pay in Ponyville. Even more important to Petina, we were able to buy several bottles of Flaming Mane's Fiery Concoction which is a hot sauce that is only sold in the Manehattan area, but Petina has become very addicted to. She has been paying top bits to buy it from a fancy food merchant in Canterlot but now she could five bottles for the price of one back home! So after a fine meal of pizza, salad, gelato, and beer we headed back to our suite with our new found treasures.

The next morning we headed off for our first planned destination of the weekend, Pony Island. We had a grand time taking in the boardwalk, riding the roller coasters and playing in several of penny arcades that lined the boardwalk. We were in the middle of enjoying a local Manehattan delicacy Pony Island Sticks when we noticed forming over the center of Manehattan was this ominous purple black swirling vortex of a cloud that quickly grew to engulf the entire sky. There was blinding flash and a deafening explosion rattled windows across the city. This resulted in general confusion from everypony on the boardwalk and there was much alarm and speculation concerning this dramatic and disturbing change in the weather. then slowly descending from the center the vortex came a single gigantic godzilla-sized figure. Discord. It was obviously a projection of him but it was still terrifying to behold.

For several seconds he floated silently over Manehattan as if surveying his handy work, then he spoke with a rumbling voice that reached to every corner of the city. "Excuse me. Can every pony calm down and stop panicking for a moment, I have an important announcement!" Silence settled over the city. Nodding in approval, Discord then snapped his fingers and a scroll appeared floating in front of him. Another snap of his fingers and a pair of those novelty glass with eyeballs attach to them by long, bouncy springs materialize to. With great care he put the glasses on his head. Adjusted them a couple times then unrolled the floating scrolls. Taking a deep breath he began speaking with great pomp and circumstance. "To the residents of Equestria, I Discord hereby wish to make the following declaration…. YOU'RE SCREWED!" Then with another snap of his fingers the glasses and scroll vanished. He then his titanic figure leaned forward and leered at all below in the city. "You may resume your panicking now!" Then with a burst of rolling laughter that echoed off the buildings of the city he vanished in another flash. For several seconds everything was silent then it started raining chocolate covered raisins, stale mini pretzels, and used bingo cards. Then ponies really started panicking.

Petina and I knew immediately that we needed to get back to Ponyville to see if we could help Twilight and the crew, and Carousel's was suddenly not interest in seeing anything else in Manehattan. After seeking shelter under one of the boardwalk awnings from the surreal downpour we decided to make it back to the Proud Hoof Hotel, pack our bags and catch the late afternoon train back to Ponyville. With any luck we'd be there by early morning the next day. After a few minutes downpour subsided to a gently shower of confetti and soggy breakfast cereal. Needless say things were very chaotic in the streets of the city and it seemed that every resident in Manehattan was out standing in the middle of the streets staring at the unnatural weather. The trolleys had suddenly stopped running so we had to hoof it back to the hotel through the milling masses of ponies. We finally arrived at the hotel well coated in cereal and confetti. The hotel lobby was just about as chaotic as streets outside. After several minutes we were able to get the attention of one of the hotel staff members who informed us that we could check out but we would be wasting our time at the train station. Due to suspected damage to the rail lines and chaos with the clocks the railroad had ceased all activities until they knew what was going on. As if to demonstrate the staff members comment, the hands on the main clock in the lobby started spinning forward and back in a completely random fashion. Then the sun suddenly set several hours ahead of schedule plunging the lobby into darkness since none of the lamps or chandeliers were on.

Making our way back up to our room we where we were able to eventually get ourselves cleaned up. The hotel restaurant had shut off their gas line as safety precaution so by candlelight we had a rather somber dinner of cold sandwiches and lemonade. Some how the Manehattan Times had succeeded in getting the evening edition off the presses and while it was very short on facts and was mostly speculations it confirmed our worst fears that Discord's acts of mayhem were not just restricted to Manehattan. Before the telegraph lines had gone down reports of pandemonium from all over Equestria had started pouring into the paper's main office. Not wanting to get separated in milling crowds outside all of us decided to return to our room and get some sleep. We had feeling we would need it. I was starting to get a headache as my pegasus pony weather sense reeled from the chaotic fluctuations to the normally well behaved atmosphere, and Petina's horn was aching from all the random bursts of magical anarchy that were roiling through the land. Even Carousel's earth pony magic could feel the turmoil that was gripping the very land.

Breakfast the next morning, or what passed for morning since the sun had risen and set in rapid succession several times, was provided by a shower doughnuts falling on the balcony of our suite. Most them were pretty good, although the jelly ones generally splattered on contact with the ground. Apparently the chaotic mayhem was enough to finally grind the presses of Manehattan Times to halt since there was no morning edition. Although Petina was concerned about rapidly changing conditions I risked flying over to the train station to see if any of the train were running yet. Short answer, no. On the return flight I got drenched by a pink cloud raining chocolate milk. That was fun to wash out. Not. I considered flying on ahead myself and see if I could reach Ponyville but Petina put her hoof down and refused to let us get split up. Besides what if I ran into something worse than chocolate milk while I was flying. As if to illustrate her point we watch as a deluge of doorknobs pummeled anything or anypony who was outside for a couple seconds.

Unfortunately the rest of our stay was like that until finally Twilight and crew were finally triumphant against Discord. It took a couple days for the trains to get running on schedule and I was very happy to get back and find our little cottage had made it through intact. We even had our front doorknob still. Although we later discovered about a dozen stale scones stuck in our chimney flue.
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Stale scones in the chimney is the least of your problems when Discord is involved.
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Yes, but we only discovered them after we tried to start a fire in the fireplace. Kind of smoked out the place until we cleared the flue.
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And I am not sure if a good or bad one. At least it is interesting in some way, no?
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At least we got free donuts out of it.
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