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An unexpected visitor by Baron-Engel An unexpected visitor by Baron-Engel
Getting back to my Equestria/ MLP dreamscape. In my last post [link] we'd spent a long evening comforting Applejack after the trauma she had experienced of watching Applebloom and several hired farm ponies being abducted by some strange magical force [link]

The abductions appeared to be the work of the Lord of Shadows [link] , and we were dreading what we would find when reached Sweet Apple Acres in the morning. We were assuming the worse. Therefore we were pleasantly surprised to find everyone else on the farm was okay, although they were horrified when they heard about what had happened to Applejack, Applebloom and the hired ponies. It was decided not to tempt luck and every evening the inhabitants of the farm would retire to Ponyville where they could under the protection of the spell that Celestia and Twilight had cast over the town. Also it we found out later that Zecora had traveled out of town for business and was not home in the Everfree Forest when the abductions happened. Fluttershy was safe because she was in already in town when the whole thing went down.

During all this Twilight kept up an almost contast stream of communications between herself and the Princesses. Also we were able to give the other keepers of the Elements of Harmony holders a complete briefing on what had been discussed in the garden a couple days ago Although Twilight decided to not going into much details about what Celestia and Luna had discovered about Petina and I. Even Twilight had not been given a complete disclosure by royal sisters.

For the most part the girls took all the new information in stride, although as I had feared Applejack suddenly viewed Petina Pony and I with much suspicion. Understandable since she had been on the receiving end of Lord of Shadow's actions.

Of course the discussion turned to what could be done to deal with the Lord of Shadows and his realm. Needless to say there was lots of speculation on what could be done and even Paynes Gray started putting in his theories through me. Still it was all guessing. At some point it would necessary to try and contact the Lord of Shadows to try and secure the release of the hostages, but we had no idea on how to do that and even Princesses were uncertain how of to go about doing that. It ended up being a mute point because the Lord of Shadows decided to contact us first.

About two days after the events at Sweet Apple Acres evening was settling on Canterlot. Princess Luna was by herself in her private quarters retrieving some scrolls for an evening meeting with some ministers. Suddenly she became aware of another being in the room. A vast and malignant presence. Then it spoke to her. "Princess Luna. May I have a word with you?"

When she turned around she found most of her private chamber filled with the Lord of Shadows. His form shifting and flowing like curtains of black oily smoke. His voice was refined but utterly cold and bare of compassion or love. It also had a strange acoustical quality it as if it was coming from some deep, dark, ancient cavern that has never seen the light or warmth of the sun.

For her part Luna mostly kept of her composure and wits about herself. After the initial shock her first response was to inform the Lord of Shadows that it didn't matter who he was he should not just materialize in mare's room, never mind a princess' without first knocking! However now that he was here what did he have to say?

Somewhat annoyed the Lord let Luna finish her little etiquette lesson before speaking again. He was interested in striking up a dialogue with Luna to help her understand what the Kingdom of Shadows was all about, and to have her help him with negotiations between Equestria and his realm. After all as the Princess of the Night the Lord could think of no other pony who was better suited for such a "delicate and important task".

Luna immediately sensed that the Lord was trying to divide her and Celestia for his own gains but she politely said that she take his request under consideration, but she needed time to think about it. The Lord agreed to this but advised her to not dawdle too long. "One would not want things to escalate anymore than they already have." She agreed but told the Lord that in the future he would have to go through proper channels and protocols. First send an emissary from his realm and have them announce his intentions for formal and correct talks. Now Luna had business to attend to right now. Please go! Flowing into the cracks in the shadow of the palace the Lord of Shadows vanished.

Once Luna waited until she was certain she could not sense the Lord's presence. Certain that she was alone she hastily wrote a note and then left her room. She then trotted down the hall to her sisters chambers. Celestia was preparing to retire for the evening but was not to surprised to find her sister standing outside her door. Without saying a word Luna levitated the note to Celestia. The note simply informed Celestia to cast the same glow spell on her chambers that she had on Ponyville. The Princess of the Sun nodded and without a word cast the spell. Closing the door behind her Luna finally spoke. "Just being careful. The shadows may have eyes and ears. Guess who just visited me in my chamber."
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ryu238 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
The art style really cinches this story.
ZephyrTheDragonlord Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
now they just need herobrine and it will truly be hell... lolz
Ognimod Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
Sounds like the Lord overheard Scoot's story a few sketches back and thought "Hey, how about if I turn this mule evil again?" =P
StoryPony Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You got Luna's character down perfectly.
Baron-Engel Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you, one of the biggest disappointments I had with season two was once again the profound lack of Luna. Oh yeah we got Luna Eclipsed but she had no part in dealing with Discord, and pushed into the background during the Royal Wedding.
StoryPony Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, the people working there said that there will be mre Luna in season 3 at least ^^;
ardashir Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
I can almost imagine him saying to her:

"Do I... scare you, little mare?"

And Luna's response:

"Creature, I have BEEN a more frightening thing than thou!"
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