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August 31, 2012
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Abomination. by Baron-Engel Abomination. by Baron-Engel
Night had fallen again in my Equestria Dreamscape, and Applebloom having snuck out of Sweet Apple Acres once again was making her way through the Everfree Forest. Silently slipping through the blackness of the forest like the shadows that enveloped everything on the forest floor. She and her "close" friend had already fed three times this evening [link] and she sensed that her teacher was anxious to try and teach her something tonight. Finally they entered a small clearing in the forest. The world was painted in shades of pale blue, deep blue and black. Following instructions from voice in her head she slowly stepped into the center of the clearing. It had only snowed a little since her last excursion and the wind had blown much of the snow into a large drift at one end of the clearing. Once she reached the center she stopped. The forest was oddly silent. Her breath made great steaming clouds.

"Okay stop right here." Said the voice in her head. Willingly she obliged. For several seconds she stood there then she heard the voice within say. "Let us begin." Surrendering herself entirely to the will of her teacher and "close" friend. She stood there passively as it took complete control of her body. She was only there to watch and learn. Slowly her teacher began speaking through her and she closed her eyes.

"Chitak kitak! Shiktak chaka vor rivel shiktak shiktak! Kowrook enta rikala!" Slowly the chant built in volume until Applebloom's voice echoed off the trees in clearing. As the chant unfolded Applebloom began to sway slowly to the chanting. Her shadow began to swirl around her rising like tendrils of smoke. Slowly her shadow expanded out from her like some gigantic anemone reaching for the shadows under the trees in the forest. However as her shadow reached for them the other shadows in the vicinity the other shadows seemed to moved away, as if unwilling to be touched by hers.

Applebloom's teacher finished chanted and slowly opened her eyes and look down at her hooves. At first a look of confusion spread across her face. Then anger flared in her eyes. Her body began to quake in rage and she reared up on her hind hooves. "I SAID COME TO ME!" As she brought her front hooves crashing down to the ground a scream emanated from the surrounding forest as the shadows under the forest started being slowly pulled towards Applebloom's. They writhed and twisted like fish on a line being reeled in. Some seemed to be clawing at the ground as if desperately trying to avoid their fate. One by one the tendrils of Applebloom's shadow captured the other shadows and began twisting and melding them together as if they was kneading dough or working clay. As this happened Applebloom resumed chanting in the harsh language from now destroyed realm the Kingdom of Shadows. Kztah ha shiktak kelhar enta korvor! Over and over she repeated the chant with greater and volume and intensity. Despite chill winter night sweat began trickling from the little filly's body. Slowly the writhing mass of moaning and howling shadows began to take on solidity and mass. Growing ever larger by second into a thing of pure chaos and horror.

Finally the being within Applebloom finished its chanting and looked upon the abomination that it had brought into existence. The main body of the being twisted and swaying like a giant black reed in a strong wind. Projecting from one side of it stalk like body was giant bloodshot eyeball that frantically looked to and fro. A large cloven hoof hind leg, and a giant griffin-like front limb contributed to chaotic asymmetry. When its gaze settled on Applebloom it began flailing violently as if desperate to escape from its summoners presence. On either side of the main stalk body were the likeness of two melted pony faces. The faces howled incoherently as Applebloom watched with a callous, indifferent eye. For several seconds the being inside Applebloom listened to the monstrosity howl, then it addressed it. "Are you only capable of babbling like this? You possess within you the memories of the Everfree Forest I have brought them together in you so you can serve me as my slave. Now quit this useless rambling and say something intelligent! SPEAK!! "

Vertically along the shiny black, stalk-like body a great gash of a mouth formed. Long curved needle-like teeth lined the maw. From the mouth projected a long tentacle-like tongue. The end of the tongue was a mass of pulsating tissue that writhed squirmed as if something beneath surface was trying escape from within. Eventually the membrane split and from within emerged a tiny head of a filly covered with mucus. It is mane hung like a wet curtain and it eyes were filled with confusion and fear. It addressed Applebloom in a terrified voice. "Please stop this! This is not right! We have no desire to be like this or serve you! We have been dead for many, many years, and this is no longer our world! Let us return to our final sleep. Let us go!" Pleaded the being.

Applebloom's teacher within stood and glared her creation. She was panting heavily and sweat was dripping from the filly's body. This spell was taking far more effort than it had expected. It was all it could do to keep the spell from breaking apart. "Don't tell me what to do slave!" Roared the being within her. "I have brought you into existence to serve me! Your world is where I am! Serve me or suffer!" The little filly head look at her in horror. "No!" It exclaimed. "We will not serve you! We wish to return to our final place of resting! Now let us be free!" "How dare you!" Roared Applebloom. In a fit of rage the being within her violently released the spell that held the monstrosity together. With an ear piercing scream the creation exploded and vanished.

Applebloom's body collapsed to the ground the effort of casting the spell had rendered the little filly's mind unconscious. Her body shivered violently and vulgar horn sprouting from her horn spasmed. The being within her cursed its predicament. "I'm still too weak!" It screamed in frustration. "I don't have enough magic yet to perform even a routine spell like that! The being slammed the filly's left front hoof on the ground in frustration. Slowly it rolled the filly over on its back and stared up at the clear nighttime sky. It searched until its gaze found it. "The Griffin's Claw. Vortex of Heaven. Black throne of unstoppable night! I can see you. I feel your presence but I am trapped within this cage." For several seconds it laid there lost in its thoughts. Why had the Lord of Shadows not attempted to tap its power? Such great unlimited power. Sure He would've had to deal with the same restriction it was now facing, but in thousand plus years that the Lord of Shadows had access to this world. This world where even the shadows were pathetic, its former Lord had apparently never attempted to seize the Vortex Heaven. Why? Had the Lord of Shadows been so ignorant that he had never noticed the enormous power that existed just beyond this world's veils, or had been he so weak that he just accepted it as being unattainable never tried? Had the Lord of Shadows been a sham all along? Had it been a mistake to swear loyalty to him. Had they all been fools for following him? "It doesn't matter now." Thought Applebloom's "close" friend. "What matters now is that I want that power, and I will have it."

As the being in within Applebloom dwelled on its fate, it felt its host beginning to stir and awake again. Applebloom looked down at cold winter ground she was laying on and then quickly glanced around the clearing. "Um, sorry teacher I blacked out about halfway through the lesson. Can I assume the spell did not work?" "Yes." Said the filly's "close" friend. "Unfortunately I will need to gain more strength before I can further your instructions. Let's go home. The "others" in your home will be waking soon." Slowly Applebloom rose to her hooves and began tracing steps her back to the old red farm house. To be continued.
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Michael345 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Have you watched "The Thing" movie? That pick remind me some scenes from it...
Baron-Engel Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Accept for the 1950's original I have not seen any of the remakes.
The-sparkly-pony Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Am I the only one that's having a hard time with following the story? I can't seem to tell in what order these all go into. :/ Would it be rude to ask if you could number them? (it might just be my slight OCD) this is cool none the less.
Baron-Engel Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Well if you followed from [link] they have been progress in the order I have had the dreams. With the exception of a few stand alone study pieces.
The-sparkly-pony Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh ok then thanks!
Solomen Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nyarlaponytep :rofl: There is no peace at the gate :D
NuvolaVolpe Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
G-Everet Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012
Now THIS is the king of nightmare-enducing creepy-ness for this arc, I think...
BnGJessie Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012
Very disturbing imagery, but a very entertaining story to go with it.
Why do I get the feeling this going down the same path as the "Eclipse" event in Berserk.
ColonelYeo Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Somewhere, Tzeentch is looking down at this and pleased. :(

You certainly weren't kidding about this slipping into night terror territory. I'm glad Applebloom blacked out, I don't want to know what seeing something like that would do to her poor little psyche.
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